Protecting your child online is now an easy and simple task

One-Click setup - No Download required.

Login to Cyberia's Account Management page and visit my Services section.

Enable or Disable from the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

You can turn "ON/OFF" the protection from Cyberia's mobile application whether you are at home, at work or abroad. You can as well from Cyberia website log in to Cyberia's Account Management section and manage the Protection.

Adjust filters with preset levels or Customize according to your needs.

Cyberia's Parental Control service offers you 3 preset and one custom levels of protection. You can choose a Light, Moderate or a Strict level of filtering or you can create your own custom level and choose which categories of content you want to block or allow.

Override filters when necessary to Allow or Block specific sites.

Cyberia's Parental Control enables you to blacklist (block) or whitelist (allow) sites in an allowed category or in a blocked category respectively.

Schedule access to the Internet according to Time or Content: set a homework controlled browsing period and a free browsing time.

You can create a schedule specifying when to stop the Internet access, when to filter it or when to bypass the filter.You can also specify 'school homework' or 'maid housework' periods for example, where the Internet is filtered and addictive sites (social media, video streaming, etc') are blocked.

Protect All the Devices at Home with the press of a Button.

Cyberia's Parental Control protects all devices connected to the Internet through your protected Cyberia connection by filtering all the content entering your house, irrespective of the device requesting the content, whether it is a Phone, a Tablet, a Gaming Console, a PC or a Smart TV.

Control the protection and manage the subscriptions through Cyberia's Mobile App.

You can instantly turn protection ON or OFF using Cyberia's easy to use mobile application, no matter where you are connected from.