Affordable High Speed Wireless Internet

iFlyPlus is the latest addition to Cyberia's wireless Internet connectivity solutions that allows you to:

  • Wireless and Portable Hotspot providing High Speed Internet up to 5Mbps with traffic volume up to 100 GBs.
  • Get coverage on all the Lebanese coast between Khaldeh and Jbeil along with major mountain areas overlooking this coast
  • Connect multiple devices simultaneously via Wi-Fi (laptop, tablet, phone, etc...).

The Service Features

  • Easy-to-Install
  • No phone lines. No cables
  • Portable mobile service
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Router

To benefit from the service, the user must have the iFlyPlus wireless modem and a valid subscription.

Plan Down Speed (up to) Monthly Usage (Up and Down) Price
2M - 45gb 2M 45 GB 46,000 LBP
3M - 90gb 3M 90 GB 76,000 LBP
5M - 180gb 5M 180 GB 160,000 LBP

Unlimited night Traffic from 12:00 midnight till 6:00 am
(Subject to the Fair Use Policy)


CPE Wi-Fi Router: 75,000 LBP

All the above prices are subject to VAT (11%)

Since this is a none line of sight service, it is not guaranteed that a 100% penetration rate is achieved in covered areas.
Call our sales team to schedule a site survey to ensure service reception before buying the Wireless Modem Unit.

Kbps: Kilo Bits per second
Mbps: Mega Bits per second
KBps: Kilo Bytes per second
8 Kbps = 1 KBps = 1KB/s
1 Mbps = 1024 Kbps = 128 KBps = 128 KB/s
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