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LEBANON, Tue Oct 24, 2017

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Inauguration of the free lab "iStream" designed to test Extreme Internet Speeds.

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Telecom, the Minister of Telecom Mr. Nicolas Sahnaoui, the Chairman and General Manager of IDM Mr. Maroun Chammas and the Chairman and General Manager of Cyberia Mr. Bassam Jaber inaugurated “iStream”, the free lab dedicated to test Extreme Speeds with the Internet. The inauguration took place at the ABC Mall – Achrafieh, in the presence of MP Robert Fadel, general managers of companies in the telecom business and interested professionals.

During the ceremony, the invitees enjoyed the Extreme Internet Speeds available at iStream, that Lebanese desire to benefit from at work and at home. This experience is meant to be a live demo of what the Internet speeds will be in a near future in Lebanon.

Mr. Chammas stressed that the efforts the public and private sector will soon materialize and that the iStream Shop is only the beginning. Mr. Chammas added that “the broadband Internet and Telecom sector has seen a quantum leap in a very short period of time. The achievements are growing, thanks to the efforts of the Minister Sehnaoui, the team at the Ministry of Telecom, the advisers and the private sector who are working hand-in-hand, day and night to achieve to this qualitative leap.

This ceremony is the first joint event between IDM and Cyberia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Telecom in the aim to reach a unique Internet service with qualities comparable to what users in developed countries experience. The event was also an occasion to launch the IDM and Cyberia 3G services through MIC1 and MIC 2 networks.

During the event, a demonstration of iptv took place, a technology that will allow IDM and Cyberia subscribers to watch digital TV over ADSL and choose the movies and TV shows they want to watch on demand. For this purpose, IDM and Cyberia are heavily investing in their infrastructure to offer this advanced technological services over multiple devices (TVs, tablets, laptops and mobile phones).

IDM and Cyberia will be the first two companies to offer iptv, Broadband Internet and wireless Internet over 3G and other wireless microwave platforms covering all Lebanon.

Anyone can visit the iStream daily and freely to test the services that will be soon commercially available to them.

The design and implementation of the iStream Shop was done by Wonder8 Inc.


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